Dynamic polymers announces a new product


Dynamic polymers is proud to present the latest addition to it’s product line, DP-105X. This product is a specialized medium density polyethylene (MDPE) that displays a very low viscosity.

DP-105X exhibits similar properties of standard Fischer Tropsch waxes on the market and at a fraction of the cost. DP-105X has a higher melt point then standard polyethylenes and imparts excellent hardness and improved resistance to both solvents and oils.

DP-105X is excellent for viscosity modification in hot melt adhesives, lubricity in printing inks, chemical and oil resistance in packaging, and imparts all these desired traits in the wire and cable industry.

DP-105X is available as a micronized product or in prill form to meet the challenges of our customers demanding applications.

Please feel free to visit us at http://gechaplin.com/dynamic-polymer-division/  for more information on the DP-105X and many other of our products.

If additional information is required or technical assistance needed please contact us at 908-788-0749 or via e-mail at szickle@gechaplin.com and we will be glad to answer your questions.